Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maths Performance Task

  Statistics is part of data handling. In data handling, things like charts, graphs and diagrams are used.
Examples of charts are: pie charts, step charts, line charts etc.
Examples of graphs: are bar graphs, histograms, line graphs etc.
Examples of diagrams are: dot diagrams, stem and leaf diagrams etc.
This is a pie chart.

This is a bar graph

This is a stem and leaf diagram

    We can use statistics in real life in utility bills, scores, stocks, and many other things. 
Personally, I have encountered statistics in my life in 
-my family's utility bills
 -keeping track of expenditures
-competitions(Nike challenge, for example)  
-science worksheets(speed-time graphs/distance-time graphs etc).
In newspapers, statistics are often used in stocks, comparing population, and other things like that.

Learning experience:

In this math performance task, my group members were very helpful to one another, guiding each other through areas that we were not sure of. Some of the strengths of my groups are that they are really efficient, they get work done fast, and we work well as a team. 
My role was pretty much just a member of the group, that did my job well, and helped the other members in need.  
Some of the problems we faced were that time was short and we had a lot of things to do among ourselves. Collecting the information was also quite tedious. 
if we do similar projects in the future, we can probably plan our time well, before we start on the project. We might also evenly distribute the work among the group members so that one member doesn't do too much work more than the other members.

[Done! Please tell me if I have to add anything on. (: ]