Monday, January 17, 2011

Post orientation Reflection.

1. What were 3 of the highlights of the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
 The 3 highlights for me were the  camp, the high elements, and meeting my teachers and classmates.2. What were 2 of the "low" moments of Orientation and the last 2 weeks
The 2 "low" moments were that during the camp, i had to wash my own cutlery in pails of water that others have rinsed theirs in. And that i strained my muscles after doing the high elements.3. What are 2 of my greatest lessons from the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
My greatest lessons were that I could conquer my fears if i put my mind to it and that i could make friends easily.4. What did you learn about yourself in the last 2 weeks?
I learnt that I could do what i wanted to do as long as i concentrated on my goal and worked towards it.5. What are you looking forward in 2011?
I am looking forward to the level-wide overseas trip as i think that it would be very interesting as we would get to learn a lot.

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